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Mobile Finance Committee 2019 Second Work Meeting Held


On December 12, NIFA Mobile Finance Committee (Committee) held the second work meeting of 2019 in Shanghai. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Chai Hongfeng, Committee chairman and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and attended by Committee members and experts from the industry.

The meeting listened to the progress of key projects including assessment of open source software and its providers in the financial sector, specification on diversity-based digital signature technology, and the security specification and test on finance apps. It also discussed and identified priorities for 2020, i.e. research on the application scenarios of DCEP under the mobile finance framework, research on the applications of secure multi-party computation, federated learning and other technologies in big data, assessment on the maturity of blockchain application in financial services, research on mobile cross-border RMB payment, etc.

Chairman Chai concluded that in 2019 the Committee had lived up to the expectations and yielded quality research achievements. It would attach greater importance to the actual needs of industry players, enhance publicity of its work and further improve the commercialization of research results.

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