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NIFA Makes Donation to Epidemic-Stricken Region in Hubei Province


Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), NIFA has attached great importance to fighting against the epidemic. A leadership group which was made up of NIFA general Party branch members was established. All departments and affiliates were asked to make the fight against NCP their top priority, and a VC was held during the Spring Festival holiday to make work plans for epidemic control and support of virus-hit regions.

Given that Hubei province is in dire need of financial support as well as medical and other supplies, NIFA general Party branch required the management team and Party members to set a good example of dedicating themselves to the fight against the epidemic. It is also proposed that Party members take the lead in donating money to virus-hit regions in Hubei province to help replenish protective facilities.

On the first workday after the Spring Festival, all five Party branches of NIFA, namely NIFA headquarter, Beijing China Internet Finance Information Services Company, Tianjin NIFA Data Technology Company, NIFA Fund Company and Baihang Credit, called on their respective members to make donations for key epidemic-stricken regions, which was ardently responded to. NIFA president Li Dongrong, vice president and chairman of Baihang Credit Zhu Huanqi as well as NIFA staff who have not yet returned to Beijing lost no time in making their contributions. In less than two hours, 239 people made a total donation of 211,336 RMB.

The funds were donated to the city of Huanggang, Hubei Province. On February 4th, NIFA transferred the 613,336 RMB donation (including 211,336 RMB individual donation) to Huanggang Charity Federation, which will be used by the city’s designated hospitals to purchase protective facilities.

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